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Trip reports

2022-07-23 Christmas in July feasting at Tweeds place
2017-11-11 Cliefden caving at Cliefden, Central West
2017-10-14 Cliefden caving at Cliefden, Central West
2017-07-25 Speleo 2017 Movie Night (Tuesday)& Public Open Night (Wednesday) at Penrith Panthers
2017-07-23 International Congress of Speleology (17th ICS) at Penrith Panthers
2016-06-11 Ciefden Caving at Cliefden Caves - Central West NSW
2016-04-22 Surface work at Mt Fairy
2016-03-25 TRADITIONAL EASTER WALK at Kanangra
2015-11-21 Cliefden Caving at Cliefden, Central West
2015-05-16 Cliefden Caves at Cliefden, Central West
2014-10-01 October Club meeting - AGM at Baulkham Hills
2014-08-30 Cliefden Caves at Cliefden, Central West
2014-05-17 Cleifden Caves at Cliefden, Central West
2014-02-22 Caving - Mt Fairy at Mt Fairy
2013-08-17 Caving - Cliefden at Cliefden,  Central West NSW
2012-10-06 Caving at Jenolan
2012-05-19 Caving at Pignabarney
2012-03-31 Caving at Jenolan
2012-03-24 Caving at Yarrangobilly
2011-12-03 Caving at Mole Creek
2011-10-22 Crawney Pass at CRAWNEY PASS CAVES
2011-10-08 Gloucester Caves at Gloucester
2011-08-18 CROSS COUNTRY SKIING: Munyang - Schlink Hut - Valentine Hut at Snowy Mountains
2011-08-13 Caving -  Cliefden at Cliefden, Central West
2011-07-09 CAVING: Argyle Cave, Drum Cave and Blowfly Cave at Bungonia
2011-06-04 Caving  - Wombeyan at Wombeyan Caves
2011-05-21 Caving - Jenolan Caves at Jenolan
2011-05-18 Committee Meeting at Tweed's house
2011-05-07 Canyoning - Yileen Canyon at Pierces Pass
2011-04-30 Caving - Cliefden at Cliefden, Central West NSW
2011-03-04 Bushwalk/caving - Church Creek Caves at Kanangra Boyd National Park
2011-02-11 Myall Lakes at Shelley Beach
2011-01-29 Canyoning - Upper Bowens Creek South Branch at Pierce's Pass
2011-01-14 Canyoning - Devils Pinch Canyon and Pipeline Canyon at Newnes
2010-12-30 Overnight bushwalk and canyoning trip at Wollangambe Crater and Geronimo Canyon
2010-11-20 Hills Christmas Party Weekend at Camp Ku-ring-gai
2010-07-03 Cliefden Caving weekend at Cliefden, Central West
2010-01-03 Canyoning - Twister and Rocky Creek at Newnes forest
2009-09-12 Cliefden Working Bee weekend at Cliefden, Central West
2009-06-27 Yulefest at Tweed's Place
2009-01-21 M7 Bike Ride at M7 Sydney
2008-08-09 Cross Country Skiing at Broken Dam Hut
2008-07-26 Caving at Cliefden, Central West
2008-06-07 Mountain bike riding at Katoomba
2008-05-03 Cleifden at Cleifden, Central West
2008-04-11 Joint trip with Kempsey SS at Kempsey
2008-02-23 Mt Wilson Canyoning Weekend at Mt Wilson
2007-11-03 Limeburner Rubbish Clean up working bee at Limeburners Caves
2007-07-28 Cliefden Caves at Cliefden,  Central West NSW
2007-04-14 NSW Caving Expedition at Mt Fairy - Wyanbene - Cooleman - Yarrangobilly
2007-03-03 Bibbie Cave and Kayaking at Myall Lakes
2007-01-26 Wee Jasper Caves (long weekend trip) at Wee Jasper
2007-01-13 Easy Canyon (Du Faur Creek) at Mt Wilson
2006-11-18 Abseiling - Abseiling daytrip at Malaita Point 1 or 2
2006-11-04 Canoeing at Bendeela to Tallowa dam
2006-10-21 Caving at Bungonia Caves
2006-09-16 Caving - Survey trip 4 with NHVSS at Timor at Timor Caves
2006-07-20 Chillagoe Expedition at Chillagoe, Northern Queensland
2006-07-14 Thorsborne Trail at Hinchinbrook Island Northern Queensland
2006-05-13 Bushwalking weekend at Blue Gum Forest
2006-04-29 Caving at Limeburners and Little Wombeyan
2006-04-15 Rock Climbing - Basic rock climb day trip at Blue Mnts - Glenbrook Gorge - The Portal
2006-03-04 Caving at Jenolan
2006-02-11 Caving -  Survey trip 3 with NHVSS at Timor
2006-02-04 Canyoning at Mt Wilson
2006-01-14 Caving - Survey trip 2 with NHVSS at Timor
2006-01-07 Canyoning at Newnes Plateau
2005-12-03 Christmas Party at Basin View
2005-11-12 Caving - Survey trip 1 with NHVSS at Timor
2004-03-13 Caving & canoeing at Nangawary & Basin View
2004-02-28 Caving at Colong & Limeburners Flat
1999-12-04 Christmas weekend at Wee Jasper
1999-04-24 4 caving areas in one weekend at Big Hole, Marble Arch, Bendethra & Wyanbene