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Michiephone assembly 2016

A run of Michiephone handsets for New Zealand Cave Search and Rescue.

Hills have refined the Michiephone design to make it easier to make but it still takes a long time to build fifty.

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Most of the parts arrive.

Mounting all the parts on the boxes takes a while.

The end of a days work.

Waiting for boards to be installed.

It takes a long time to load all the surface mount parts.

Some boards ready to install.

Ready for testing

All the final assemblies were individually tested
Tested for frequency response and Tx / Rx gain. As well as ensuring all the PCB components are mounted correctly the recycled speaker / mic sensitivity is also tested. All speakers had a quick test before being installed. Most were good, some excellent and a handful were thrown away. The final test is a simple voice test between two Michiephones just to make sure.

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